Refurbishing your props

If you haven't flown your PPG at the coast you are definintely missing out. The down side to coming home from a trip is that you might find sand in your wing and 'sandblasted' propellers. On the Nirvana Instinct NS200 and NS230 with its center bolt configuration and carbon vibre props you can expect substantial roughness on the leading edge of the props depending on several factors including obvious factors such as take-off distance and amount of flights. The good news is that your disappointment should be short-lived because you can restore your propellers to a good-as-new condition. There are plenty of articles on the web that explain what Epoxy to use and how to balance the propellers. Very important to realize is that if you do fix up your propellers you have to be sure that you've balanced them correctly or you could suffer severe damage to your gearbox specifically the drag spikes that hold the propellers in place. One has to realize that creating a new Leading Edge takes time and effort and a rush job will undoubtedly leave you disappointed and in a worst situation then before you started out with the refurbishment. Carefull sculpting of the hardened Epoxy will ensure whether you have a good result or not.

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