SOLD!! #1-NS200 Pre-Owned Available

NS200 Highline 2011 Model

At Nirvana Africa we strife try to assist clients in selling their loved paramotors when upgrading to a newer or larger engine model.

As part of the process we take in any Nirvana Paramotor, assess it's service history and replace parts that require it to carry a Nirvana Africa Warranty for a period of 6 months.

This #1-NS200 is our latest offer that recently passed its service and has been fitted with a new piston and piston rings. The owner is an experienced pilot and it shows with the machine being in a truely 'mint condition'.
The paramotor purchase includes
1. Harness
2. Reserve Chute 130
3. NS200 Highline
4. Used Centre Bolt Configuration 130 Pulse Propellors

Nirvana provides a 6-month warranty as according to the terms of the operating manual as well as on workmanship done by our technicians. Nirvana Africa will also provide a free refurbishment of the current set of propellors.

Price - R70 000.00